Welcome to the virtual home of Raar! Ltd. Feel free to take a browse, make yourself comfy and enjoy all that is in fact Raar! If you like our work you can just watch from afar, comment or even contact us if you'd like to work with us at Raarfilms@gmail.com

We managed to reach our target on Kickstarter! We will soon be shooting Late Nights at the Movies at a cinema near you! If you'd like to join us either behind the camera or in front as an extra, drop us a message :)

You can pledge your allegiance and in return get some amazing rewards like a pack of 4 art cards painted by artists, a zine made by the Raar! team, totes, tees and a credit in the film.

Zombie Car Park Short - Production Complete!



Actress Laura Lexx on set

Thanks to an amazing cast, crew and extras from St. Albans we have now wrapped production on Flamingo Close: Cass. Not to forgot how we got here in the first place, thanks to many contributions from the public! Click here to see exactly who helped us!


We did it! Thanks to you lovely people we raised enough money to make our next short zombie film set in a car park! We will be filming this Saturday (14th) and it will be a lovely night shoot! Keep checking back for on set photos, shots from the film and the short in it's full glorious form! There's still time to be a part of the film too. If you fancy being a zombie on Saturday in St. Albans drop us a message at raarfilms@gmail.com and we'll get back to you asap with more info!


Winner of our latest competition is Emma Roberts! She wins a personalised portrait of herself as a zombie! The drawing is now being created by our own local artists so keep your eyes peeled to see what it looks like...


A massive thank you so for to all that have donated to our next Flamingo Close Short! (In donation order)

Lauren Butler

Lindsay Lucas-Bartlett

Louise Attwood

Alex Lilly

Penny Attwood

Carl Butler

Alexander Whitlock

Lisa Butler

Alice Todman

Tiggi Harding

Tony Price

Rob Taylor

Emma Roberts

Richard Batt


Funding for our new short has begun!

With an amazing script from Kubrick Award Winner, Katie Hogan, and the RAAR! crew ready to film in July (upon getting funding) this short is set to be the most stunning yet. To find out abit more about the project and how you can get involved please take a look at http://igg.me/p/117749

Here's our campaign video:

More info on our Flamingo Close section and a Flamingo Close website is coming soon!


Post production is almost completed on our second short "Flamingo Close: Preach and Liberty". For now though please take a look at two shots (below) from the film for a glimpse of what's to come.

image image






Starrring Liberty Mills and Dare Emmanuel


Our first short (which you may have seen via facebook if you're a fan) is now on youtube for the world to see! Please watch and share with your friends to help us get funding for future shorts and the feature!

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Flamingo Close: Liberty


 English Saffron crocus planting timelapse

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Video made by RAAR! for English Saffron. We created a timelapse from a series of photographs taken every ten seconds or so over the course of a few days. Each timelapse represents hours of realtime. This film was then presented at The River Cottage Open Day.


The Circle Nominated for Best Short film at Renderyard

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imageRAAR's The Circle Only Has One Side was nominated for Best film at the Spanish Renderyard Short Film Festival and shown to a festival audience there!


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