About RAAR!

RAAR! Films is a registered limited company, dedicated to the production of cinematic entertainment. What makes RAAR! unique is it's team of enthusiastic creatives that are brand new to the industry and dedicated to supporting other new and young talent in independent film production.


For a preview of some previous work check out our sneak peek showreel. Our full one is coming soon! There are further examples of our work below and on the Projects page.

Who are we?

RAAR! Company Director:

Emily Attwood

Emily founded Raar! with a couple of friends. She has now taken over the company and has teamed up with Katie Hogan to complete the Raar! formation.



Emily Attwoodimage

-RAAR! Company Director, Film Director, Editor, Writer and Producer

With professional training in filmmaking and photography Emily not only brings a creative approach to the company but also a technical one. She has won four awards (Best Film and Best Director among them at The Adders Youth Film Festival) and has been shortlisted for best short at Renderyard Film Festival 2010. For a look at previous work please see the video below. Soon to be updated!

Emily's Showreel


Katie Hogan

- RAAR! Writer, Director

Having been obsessed with films since a very young age, Katie has made her mission to watch as many as possible from all over the world. Film Noir was genre that captured her imagination while studying in college and University and she has always wanted to write/film a story where the femme fatale was the front and center. She studied Film and TV Production at University of Hertfordshire achieving First Class Hons. Her film was selected for the Visions Festival and won The Kubrick Prize for Fiction for her short ‘Space Detective’. The award winning short film was also recently screened and discussed on Cambridge TV show, Celluloid Dreams. She has previously collaborated with Emily and Raar! Films on their Flamingo Close shorts and wrote the successfully crowd funded short ‘Cass’. As well as writing short films and stories, she is an avid film blogger and has been writing her on her blog ‘She Likes Movies’ for 7 years as well regularly contributing reviews and features to Vulture Hound magazine.

Space Detective, Directed and Written by Katie Hogan

Katie Hogan's Showreel