About RAAR!

RAAR! Films is a registered limited company, dedicated to the production of cinematic entertainment. What makes RAAR! unique is it's team of enthusiastic creatives that are brand new to the industry and dedicated to supporting other new and young talent in independent film production.


For a preview of some previous work please check back soon for a company showreel.There are further examples of our work below and on the Projects page.


Who are we?

RAAR! Directors and Producers:

Dare Emmanuel, Tom Butler and Emily Attwood


Dare, Tom and Emily are the founders of RAAR! and are the current shareholders.

imageTom Butler

-RAAR! Director of Photography, Company Director, Producer

Tom's Showreel



Emily Attwoodimage

-RAAR! Director and camera, Company Director and Producer

With professional training in filmmaking and photography Emily not only brings a creative approach to the company but also a technical one. She has won four awards (Best Film and Best Director among them at The Adders Youth Film Festival) and has been shortlisted for best short at Renderyard Film Festival 2010. For a look at previous work please see the video below. Soon to be updated!

Emily's Showreel


Dare Emmanuel

- RAAR! Writer, Actor & Assistant Director

Daré is a massive fan of film. His love for both film and writing were born at a young age from watching action and fantasy films, as well as reading many fantasy novels.  By the time he started writing, his interests had grown and varied enough that he would happily write any genre, based on his strong belief that any good scene can have a mass of emotions in it and thus any well written film actually contained elements of many genres. At university he studied Creative Writing and Drama receiving a 2:1 BA Honours for his work. During this course he concentrated mainly on writing for screen when given the option, as well as completing two screenplays that were not actually assigned to him as part of his course. He also directed a couple of small projects undertaken by himself and some University peers. He went on to undertake a post-graduate degree in Acting for Screen at the Central School of Speech and Drama. He has dedicated his life and dreams thus far to film and brings all of his experience to the RAAR! Table with a vivacious passion and exciting perspective on the medium.