Flamingo Close

The Feature
Set a year into the zombie apocalypse, Flamingo Close is a social commentary on how people cope and often don't cope during adversity.


While RAAR! Films has been working on pre-production of Flamingo Close for over a year and a half now as soon as our third short is complete we are going to be finding funding for the feature.

The Shorts

We have made 2 short films so far under the name 'Flamingo Close' and our third was kindly funded by members of the public and is now in post production. For more info on each short, particularly to see all those who contributed to our third, please click their link on the left. The shorts serve as dependent stories set in the same world as the feature and can also be viewed together as characters stories entwine between the shorts. You can view our Flamingo Close shorts below!

Flamingo Close: Liberty

Flamingo Close: Preach & Liberty